Joust rev. 1 (by Andy B-S)

A very simple port of JSJoust to the Card10

Joust is a multiplayer physical game. The core of the game is to be the last man standing you're knocked out when your controller (Card10 badge) moves too quickly. The aim is to attack your players by nudging their controllers, whilst defending yours.


  • All players must have the app installed on their Card10 and wear it on their wrist.
  • Players must start with the 'JOIN' menu visible.
  • Simultaneously click a button to start the countdown.
  • Once the light goes green, the game is in play.
  • Defend your controller from pushing by other players, whilst trying to do the same to them.
  • If the light goes red, you're knocked out and should wait for the next round.
  • Keep playing until only 1 player has a green light, then claim victory (this doesn't happen automatically)
  • After the game, press any bottom button to get back to the 'JOIN' menu
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