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Menu++ rev. 1 (by Pixtxa)

Advanced Menu for replacing card10s

Based on card10s menu app, but:

  • FASTER: The app list is saved on card10 and will only be refreshed if:
    • menu.apps is missing or corrupted (delete this file if you install new apps via USB and want the list to be refreshed)
    • you manually select the point "*Refresh this list" in the menu (useful if you install apps via Bluetooth)
  • DETAILLED: You can hold TOP_RIGHT button to display information from metadata.json, see where the app is located and so on
  • INTUITIVE: Info screens are communication-yellow, USB mode is chaos-blue and the menu list is camp-green


  • Manual (tested)
    • Replace your / by this
    • Maybe you will also edit it to set your favorite apps
  • Automatic (fails on my card10)
    • The installer also should work, but it seems like python has no rights to edit the file (at least, not in my firmware version). But maybe it's only a memory problem on my card10
    • How it should work:
      • (If you have modified it and wand to keep it, backup your
      • Select Menu++ App
      • Make sure, that you want to overwrite your existing / file
      • Think 5 seconds about it
      • If so, press the button next to the green YES
      • Wait for the Installation
      • Menu++ is installed and will start in a few seconds
Category: utility
Status: working
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Author: Pixtxa

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