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micromarble rev. 5 (by royrobotiks)

Micro Marble

A tiny gravity controlled marble game for the Card10 badge - inspired by the classic videogame "Marble Madness".

You can find further documentation including short video clips here.

How to install:

Copy the folder with the name "micromarble" in the apps folder of your Card10.

How to play:

Hold your Card10 parallel to the ground and move the little marble by tilting the badge up and down / left and right. The more you tilt the badge, the faster the marble will roll. The aim is to direct the marble securely to the goal within the given time. The LED bar displays how much time is left. All your achievements are saved, so you can interrupt playing the game at any time and continue later.


  • Push "Play" or "Resume" (button top right) to continue an existing game or to start a new game if there is now saved game yet.
  • Push "New" (button bottom right) to start a new game from level 1.
  • Push "Calibrate" if you want to play the game in an unconventional orientation.

Pause / Score / Highscore:

During the game, pushing any button (except "Home") will bring you to the pause screen. During the pause screen, you can see:

  • The current level
  • How many marbles you needed so far
  • Your score
  • The highscore


Calibration is not required if you play your game in normal orientation. However, there might be situations when you want to hold the Card10 in an unconventional orientation while playing the game, e.g. when you are lying on the couch.

In this case, hit the calibrate button (bottom left) at the start or pause screen. Put your Card10 in a reference orientation and hit the OK button (bottom left).

Please note that calibrating your Card10 to a heavily tilted reference orientation might lead to an unexpected marble control.


In the current version, 14 levels are playable, the 15th level cannot be finished. The aim is to produce at least 23 - or even better 42 levels for the next release. You can contribute by designing levels with the level editor and emailing them to: micromarble(at)

How to create your own levels:

All levels are saved as .txt files in the micromarble folder. The number of the level is the name of each file. The best way to edit and create levels is to use the level editor, which is written in Processing.

Here's how you get the level editor running:

  • Download the Processing IDE.
  • Download the level editor and unzip it.
  • Open "micromarble_level_editor.pde" with Processing. Processing will want to create a folder with the name "micromarble_level_editor" in its "Sketchbook"-folder and save the code there. Accept this.
  • Click on "Sketch -> Show Sketch Folder" (In Processing, programs are called "Sketches" and this will open the folder where your "Sketch" is located).
  • Create a folder with the name "data" in your folder with the name "micromarble_level_editor".
  • Copy all levels (1.txt ... 15.txt) from your Card10 (/apps/micromarble) to the data folder (/micromarble_level_editor/data).
  • Run the level editor by hitting the Run button on the top left in Processing.

And this is how you design levels:

  • Select which tile you want to use by either hitting the according button or the according key on your keyboard.
  • Draw with the left mouse button.
  • Draw a rectangular field by pushing the right mouse button and keeping it pushed while moving the mouse.
  • Specify which color your level should have with the RGB color selector on the top right.
  • Specify the time in which the player has to complete the level by moving the horizontal time-slider (the time is measured in program loops).
  • You can select which level you want to edit by hitting (+) or (-) on the top right.
  • Your level is saved automatically when you select another level with (+) or (-).
  • If the level does not exist yet (e.g. level 16), the level editor will automatically create the file for the level and copy the content of the last level that you have edited into the new level file.
  • Copy your level from the data folder of your sketch to the micromarble folder on your Card10.
  • Test your level and have fun!
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