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SensorCommunityLuftdatenDisplay rev. 4 (by xro)

Sensor.Community E-Paper Data Display

It is a simple app to get data from an AirRohr sensor and display it in a very simple fashion on a Sha2017 e-paper badge.

The app assumes that you have a dustsensor + environmental sensor with two consecutive sensor-ids.

Pull-Requests welcome. Project is currently evolving on GitHub


  1. connect your badge via USB
  2. open the serial console to the badge
  3. start the python console
  4. set the sensor id of airquality-dust-sensor that you want to query:
    import badge
    you can get the sensor-id from the map or by logging in to Click data of your sensor and use the particulate matter sensor ID.
  5. quit the python console


  • [x] exit via START button press
  • [x] force update via A/B button press
  • [x] don't display outdated values
  • [x] larger, easier-to-read text with units instead of json dump
  • [x] add value subtitle description or make font even larger
  • [x] up/down arrow indicating current trend
  • [x] indicate UTC time on screen so user can gauge last update
Category: data
Status: working
Minimal firmware version: 13082021
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up 2 years ago
  • SHA2017 Badge: working
  • Disobey 2020: unknown
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Author: xro

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