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Git revision: 65f2445a2d33706499d9bdcae72964d9fa5dd2e9 sha2017-badge-co2-sensor rev. 2 (by polyfloyd)

SHA2017 Badge CO2 Sensor

MicroPython program for reading an MH-Z19 carbon dioxide sensor. The values are displayed on the badge's display as a single stat and graph, pushed to MQTT and used as a trigger for alerts.

Also reads a BME280 climate sensor as a bonus.

The CO2 warning thresholds are set to levels suitable to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infections.

The MQTT topics are listed below, the value is the raw decimal number without unit. The prefix and (room) name can be altered by setting them with the machine.nvs_setstr functions over a serial connection.

  • ${mqtt.prefix}/${name}/co2_ppm
  • ${mqtt.prefix}/${name}/temperature_c
  • ${mqtt.prefix}/${name}/pressure_hpa
  • ${mqtt.prefix}/${name}/humidity_pct

NVS settings:

Space Key Default
owner name <whatever you have set>
sensors mqtt.server
sensors mqtt.prefix space/climate
Category: hardware
Status: unknown
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