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SpacePaint rev. 6 (by escher)

SpacePaint is a set of 7 colorful toys for the card10.

  • CYCLE between the different modes with the BOTTOM-RIGHT button.

  • RESET the current mode with the TOP-RIGHT button.

  • PAUSE / RESUME drawing with the BOTTOM-LEFT button.

  • Current mode is displayed on the LED bar above the screen.

  • Blue modes use the orientation sensor; red modes don't currently use any sensors.

Mode 1: Draw on the screen by adjusting the orientation of your card10.

Note: The pencil should move in the direction of gravity, but the
orientation sensor sometimes gets inverted (at least on my device).
If up is down, try rebooting your card10.

Mode 2: Like Mode 1, but mirrored for satisfying symmetry.

Mode 3: Modulate a sine wave by changing the orientation of your card10. Y-axis controls amplitude, Z-axis controls frequency.

Mode 4: Like Mode 3, but the waves persist on the display (rather than being cleared with each display update).

Mode 5: More iterating waves, influenced by orientation sensor.

Mode 6: Iterating wave screensaver. (Non-interactive.)

Mode 7: Iterating wave screensaver. (Non-interactive.)

Category: graphics
Status: working
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